Hiring a Skip for your Business
November 11, 2012

If you are in the building trade, the chances are you have been using skip hire for years to dispose of household or commercial building waste. On the face of it, little has changed in the skip hire world. You call up your skip hire company, they deliver a skip, you fill it and they take it away. But scratch beneath the surface and you will find that commercial waste disposal has transformed itself beyond all recognition.

If you have been using the same skip hire company, you have probably developed a good relationship with them. But are you getting the best value for money? And are you even getting the best service?

Recent changes in legislation have resulted in a huge hike in landfill taxes. This means that when your skip hire company takes your waste to a landfill site they are required to pay significantly more than before. Some companies will pass the price increase onto their customers while others will manage not to. Shopping around is the only way to be sure that you are still receiving the best value skip hire rates on the market.

One of the best ways for skip hire companies to avoid paying the higher landfill prices is by avoiding landfill. It may sound simple but not every company is doing it. The most forward-looking skip hire companies are investing heavily in their waste disposal facilities. This means more recycling and more energy generation through production of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). It also means ultimately better prices for you and a shared responsibility for the future of our environment. This may still seem relatively unimportant right now but for the next generation it is vital.

So if you are thinking of reviewing your skip hire provider, where is the best place to start? Many skip hire companies are now advertising on line. A simple web search will return hundreds of operators located all over the country. You can contact each one for comparable quotes or go straight to a company such as Ecohub (www.ecohubuk.com) which works with multiple skip hire companies to ensure 100% availability when you want it and access to the best prices on the market. Like other responsible waste management companies, Ecohub has invested hugely in its waste management facility and now offers some of the greenest disposal methods on the market.

What if you are happy with your provider and don't want to move? Ironically, you may even secure a better price if you book online with them via a broker than if you go direct. This is because brokerage sites are often able to negotiate lower prices due to the volume of customers they can generate. So there is nothing to lose by taking a look online to see if you can secure the same service you are already receiving for less money than you are paying right now.

Your skip hire cost will depend on the size of skip you order, the duration for which you require it, the location in which you will park it and the company from whom you hire it. To find the lowest skip hire cost to meet your needs, try using an online skip hire broker. Brokers offer services from a number of providers in your local area and helping you to find the best prices for your particular needs. One of the benefits of using this approach is that you know the skip hire companies have been previously vetted by a third party and have all the necessary waste disposal and skip hire licenses in place with your local council.

To accurately assess the cost of skip hire you need to have a clear idea about the kind of capacity you will use. Skips are sized according to the number of cubic yards they hold. Generally speaking a cubic yard equates to around 10 refuse sacks, although this can vary slightly depending on the skip's precise shape and design. The smallest skip offered by most skip companies is around two cubic feet – or in other words 20 refuse sacks-worth of rubbish. Your skip hire cost is calculated according to the size of skip you order – so if you think this is significantly less waste than you are likely to generate, you should consider disposing of the waste yourself at the local tip. Most household jobs generate around three cubic yards of waste however, so if you are carrying out a kitchen or bathroom refit a small standard skip would be about right.

There is no doubt that hiring a skip is the most convenient ways of disposing of unwanted rubbish. No road trips, no heavy organisation. Simply hire your skip on line using a brokerage site such as www.ecohubuk.com and your chosen sized skip will be with you when you want it.

Skip hire is easier than ever before. Whereas in the past individuals may have found the prospect of hiring a skip in London daunting, these days it can all be organised simply with the click of a mouse. Brokerage sites such as www.ecohubuk.com provide access to literally hundreds of skip hire companies across the UK including many excellent companies based in London and the surrounding area. All you need to do is enter your dates, size requirements and any other relevant information and you will immediately have access to the most competitive quotes to meet your needs.