How Much Does Skip Hire Cost?
October 13, 2012

The answer to the question "how much does skip hire cost?" is sometimes likened to "how long is a piece of string?" given the number of variables involved. Finding the most cost-effective skip hire used to be a complicated process but has been made significantly easier with the arrival of online skip hire brokers to help you along the way.

Your skip hire cost will depend on the size of skip you order, the duration for which you require it, the location in which you will park it and the company from whom you hire it. To find the lowest skip hire cost to meet your needs, try using an online skip hire broker.

Brokers offer services from a number of providers in your local area and helping you to find the best prices for your particular needs. One of the benefits of using this approach is that you know the skip hire companies have been previously vetted by a third party and have all the necessary waste disposal and skip hire licenses in place with your local council.

To accurately assess the cost of skip hire you need to have a clear idea about the kind of capacity you will use. Skips are sized according to the number of cubic yards they hold. Generally speaking a cubic yard equates to around 10 refuse sacks, although this can vary slightly depending on the skip's precise shape and design. The smallest skip offered by most skip companies is around two cubic feet – or in other words 20 refuse sacks-worth of rubbish.

Your skip hire cost is calculated according to the size of skip you order – so if you think this is significantly less waste than you are likely to generate, you should consider disposing of the waste yourself at the local tip. Most household jobs generate around three cubic yards of waste however, so if you are carrying out a kitchen or bathroom refit a small standard skip would be about right.

The important thing to remember is that if you fail to fill your skip, you will still have to pay the same amount. That said, overfilling your skip is illegal and leaves you open to hefty fines, pushing up the cost significantly!

To reduce the cost of skip hire, you could consider hiring a skip jointly with a neighbour – you would be surprised how much household waste can sit around just waiting to be disposed of!

Recent landfill tax increases have threatened to push skip hire rates higher, but in fact this has had a positive impact on the business as companies work harder and harder to find alternative means of disposing of our waste. Those who are able to offer the cheapest rates tend to be those who are reclaiming or recycling as close as possible to 100%, rather than simply taking it to landfill and paying hefty fees which are in turn passed on to the end users – us!

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