New Tesla Hire Business launches in London

The World’s Fastest Accelerating Production Cars From Tesla Now available For Hire In London has recently just opened its doors to the ultimate experience in luxury Tesla hire in the London area.

Recently Launched in Croydon, is unique in that the cars they hire are only top specifictaion Performance Tesla models. EV Hire’s fleet of Model S and Model X P100Ds (and soon to be Model 3) feature innovative design and the highest possible specifications. This includes the highest possible specifictaion of Tesla's Autopilot Technology.

Some of EV Hire's fleet of Tesla’s can accelerate from 0-60mph in a blistering 2.28 seconds, a rate of acceleration that puts petrol-fuelled cars to shame. The Tesla vehicles that hold are the fastest production cars ever produced to date. Infact, its showstopper the Model S P100DL is as fast 0-60 as Ferrari LaFerrai and can equal a Bugatti Veyron without issue.

For founder Daryl Pearce, is the culmination of a lot of work and some serious investment. Open since July of this year, he said of his vehicles, “There’s no compromise in luxury and style, no reduction in convenience and certainly no reduction in performance”. These vehicles are the future. With a range of 300+ miles on a single charge and Autopilot technology built into the vehicles. These Tesla’s are unmatched for now....

For many people, driving a Tesla is an new experience that they will never forget. Mr Pearce explained, “Electric vehicles are the future of motoring. We are passionate about helping people to see and experience these feats of engineering”. The cars are not subject to the congestion charge and other benefits include free supercharging & unlimited mileage.

Mr Pearce, born and bred in Surrey, previously worked in both property development and recruitment. Explaining his passion behind the Tesla’s he elaborates, “When Tesla’s came onto the scene I started to think of the possibilities. I mean, the actual prospect of an electric vehicle revolution up until very recently was still speculation. Now, I have positioned to allow people to experience these very special vehicles, discovering for themselves how these cars will shape the future of vehicle design for years to come”.

Mr Pearce has seen his business generate a huge amount of interest with very healthy order numbers, even at this early stage. Citing the changing attitude to the concept of high-end electric vehicles he said of the vehicles, “Tesla has provided a clear route to major disruptive change in the luxury car industry. I wanted to be a part of that; I believe in that change and judging by  the volume of our orders we’re now encouraging people to book as far in advance as possible”.

Should you wish to hire a Performance Tesla, please visit where you can book your Tesla rental online instantly.

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